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We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Transcription Services For Global Reach

Do you know that transcription services have the power to make your brand reach an international audience?

Internet or world wide web has become a great tool for the individuals looking for any product, service or information. The information is available in different formats on the internet. But, not necessarily everything is present in textual form.

When a person makes a search on a search engine, it calculates all the related results and displays them on its results page. The website which is shown at the top is because it has great search engine optimization, by adding keywords. Now, the catch here is that search engines don’t include images, text on images, audio or videos into its search results.

Transcription Services

To make your audio or video content reach the top positions in the search engine, transcription services are needed. These are the services that convert audio into text form. By doing so and then placing it on the internet, will make the search engines to find your audio and display it, all thanks to the transcripts.

It works the same for all different kinds of businesses, be it a new small-scaled company or a large well-settled organization, conversion of audio or videos is super important for global reach. It is the aim of any business to make customers in foreign lands and expand their business internationally. But, the one thing that can help you do that is transcribing services.

Affordable Online Transcribing Services

The transcription services offered by Transcription Now are super fast, confidential and available at very reasonable rates. Even our rush delivery services are both of high quality and secure, which makes it possible for our customers to trust us with any kind of confidential and critical data. Plus, we offer NDA agreements depending upon the client’s needs.

The rates are not fixed and vary with certain factors like volume of the project, clarity, and quality of the audio/video, language covered, additional services (if needed), length of the audio/video, background noise, number of speakers, etc.

Our specialists overcome all the complexities and deliver files in no time. Our transcription company is upfront on pricing and rates with no hidden or extra charges. You can easily get the price estimate by contacting our 24*7 customer support. Bulk orders are eligible for great discount deals.


Different Types of Professional Transcription Services Provided

We provide quality transcription services for a wide range of industries. Different industries have different requirements and demands. A professional transcriber cannot work on an educational video/ audio in the same as he/ she is going to work on a corporate video/ audio.

Our team of transcribers comprises of industry experts to deliver the best quality with the highest accuracy. The list of industries and the type of audio/ videos is huge. A few of these industries are - Legal – Internet – Academics – Media – Entertainment, etc. The types of transcription services that we offer include -

Locations Covered By Our Online Transcription Services

We are an accredited agency offering its online transcription services all around the globe. We are not limited to providing services to the United States alone but also cover other countries like the UK (United Kingdom), Singapore, Norfolk, Australia, and others.

Whether you are in London, Sydney or Singapore City; regardless of your location, we are always ready to assist you with our transcription services. For all your urgent transcription requirements, we have our offices in all the states of the US. You can contact us online anytime or can reach out to our offices in any of the following cities.

Phoenix – Baltimore – Boston – Denver – Nashville – Cleveland – NYC – Austin – Kansas City – Las Vegas – Atlanta – Seattle – Houston – Dallas – Portland – Chicago – San Jose – San Diego – Maryland – San Antonio – Philadelphia, all cities of Nevada state and many others.

Languages Offered By Our Online Transcription Company

Our authorized agency has a huge range of languages that we offer. There are more than 100 languages that are supported by Transcription Now. The team of transcription experienced in handling various languages in a quick time. Languages served includes Thai, Kurdish, Dari, Ukrainian, Spanish, Bengali, Tagalog, Italian, Arabic, Greek, Chinese, English, French, Tamil, Finnish and many more.

We are not limited to transcription services but supports translation of the transcripts into other languages as well. You can choose the language combination of your preference and accordingly we will customize the service for transcription and translation to reach a wider audience around the globe.

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