Our Special Features

Our service has attractive features that benefit the clients.

Order fast and easy

Say hi to our 3-way fast and easy steps in obtaining the most excellent quality of transcription output directly to and from your email.

Blazing fast delivery

With our highly skilled and competent team along with our advanced technology and state of the art platform, we commit our years of experience that we can deliver your entire requirement the fastest possible time.

Free speaker-identification

Because we value our clients more, our rich features and perks will sure make their every transaction with us much more fun and enjoyable. We offer you our speaker identification options absolutely free!

Multiple file formats

Start sending your files to our highly protected server that can work well with different file format for document, audio and video. Name it, we can do it.

100% Security and confidentiality

We only provide an outstanding translation service plus the level of security and confidentiality no other provider can give you. Not to mention the full protection you will also get.