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Police Transcription Services

Law enforcement or Police Transcription services are widely popular among quick transcription service providers with quick turnaround time. It is very crucial for having a text document for producing strong evidence of any police interviews, statements, call recordings, etc.

Due to the confidentiality of the service and need for 24/7 availability, we are proud of our team which is specialized in legal transcription that requires a custom format, skill, and experience to use exact verbatim.

Our top priority is to give a secure police department transcription for an affordable price all time of the year. We guarantee that our transcriptionists who undertake a service will follow all the rules and regulation of police transcription services.

Now, you can easily avail police interview transcription services under our legal transcription services online. We accept all file formats. Also, you get hard copies on demand in the US via certified and secure courier delivery services for a basic price.

We also provide other types of transcription services such as court transcription, digital transcription, sermon transcription, voice transcription, YouTube audio transcription, verbatim transcription, business transcription, dictation transcription, podcast transcription, academic transcription, speech transcription, focus group transcription, time code transcription and more.

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The Best Law Enforcement Transcription Services

Law enforcement and related departments require law enforcement transcriptionists for transcribing audios and videos regarding criminal investigations and criminal evidence. You need to understand that this data is extremely vital and requires a lot of security and safety. Thus, hiring professional and experienced transcriptionists from quality law enforcement transcription services like Transcription Now is highly recommended. Law enforcement agencies need to go for transcription companies that don’t involve third parties and offer secure, accurate, and quality services. Transcription Now is one such agency providing NDA agreements, accurate and quality transcription services, at the earliest turnaround and at minimum cost.

Our Law Enforcement Transcription Services Include:

  • ✓ Transcription of recorded interviews

  • ✓ Statements of victims and suspects

  • ✓ Case notes

  • ✓ Transcription of wiretaps

  • ✓ Call recording of police department

  • ✓ Call recordings of jail

  • ✓ Transcription of internal affairs investigations

  • ✓ Transcription of officers’ report

  • ✓ Super-fast Transcription

We, at Transcription Now, offer you with law enforcement transcription at faster turnaround times. Our turnaround times include 6 hours, 24 hours transcription, 6-10 days transcription, and many more.

Confidentiality is the Key to Law Enforcement Transcription

Irrespective of the language, duration, and type of file format, law enforcement transcription services must primarily work confidentially. Since there might be media files to get processed with secrecy among the departments.

Thus, handling projects without revealing a case’s details is highly significant.

A certified legal transcription company will safely forward the text conversion, with secure and safe documentation procedures.

An agency with an SSL encryption security system is the ideal one. This will ensure that no third-party services are permitted within the work.

Accurate Police Interview Transcription Services To Your Rescue

Looking for a service provider that handles police witness interview transcript? Transcription Now will offer you premium-quality police interview transcription services for any input with time-stamps and verbatim, based upon your requirements. Accurate and quality-controlled police interview transcript guaranteed for more than 100 global languages online.

Transcribing Your Police Files Will is an Ideal Solution

Transcription of police and legal files has 2 issues - budget cuts and hiring constraints. These inflate the need for resources beyond their possible limits.

Additionally, backlogging a document and paying to complete it overtime, is a waste of money and time.

But law and police enforcement transcription services can surely be a solution to the problems stated. An additional perk of reducing desk time of officers beyond their working hours is possible. Reducing paperwork adds as a bonus along with quality transcription services.

With expert transcriptionists, investigators can spend their time patrolling over the case effectively, and not on the transcription work.

Police Documents that are Commonly Transcribed

The following law enforcement file formats (mostly) demand high precision with a quick Turnaround Time (TAT):

  • ✓ Wiretaps and Surveillance

  • ✓ Radio communications

  • ✓ Court Proceedings

  • ✓ Witness statements

  • ✓ Jail Call recordings

  • ✓ Arrest, Accident and Traffic reports

  • ✓ 911 Dispatch communications

  • ✓ Internal Affairs Investigations

  • ✓ Patrol reports

  • ✓ Suspect Interrogation

  • ✓ Patrol & In-custody reports

  • ✓ Staff and Department meetings

  • ✓ Inmate phone calls

  • ✓ Taped Police and Law interviews

  • ✓ Internal Correspondence

  • ✓ Secure Police report transcription

  • ✓ Memorandums

  • ✓ Firer reports

  • ✓ In-house & On-site Interrogations

  • ✓ Victim interviews

  • ✓ Narrative of all kinds and Q&A

Police Transcription Rates

Due to high demand, the police transcription costs are high, but we only offer competitive prices for all the accurate and fast 24h turnaround translation.


Accepted Audio and Video Formats

We accept any file formats for police transcription including WAV, MP4, FLV, AVI, micro cassettes, MiniDisc, DVD, MP3, MOV, AIFF, audio / video cassette and many more.


✓ Free trial offer

✓ 24 x 7 Support

Language Transcription Services

Transcription Now offers police transcription in almost all languages spoken globally, including: Italian, Japanese, Spanish, German, English, Arabic, French, Korean and more.

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