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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Online Legal Transcription

Transcription Now offers the best online legal transcription with the best quality assured. We make sure that our legal transcript services are delivered with the highest accuracy levels that make the end users easily understand the transcribed content.

Our legal transcription rates are the best in the industry. We make sure that our legal transcription services are accessible to all our clients, regardless of whether they are individuals or large companies. We take great effort to provide best services in the legal audio transcription industry.

Legal transcription is usually required by the legal firms and professionals dealing with legal documents and activities. Such transcription services are also required for court proceedings.

Professional Legal Audio Transcription Services

We are a leading legal audio transcription services company with expertise in cour-ready legal transcription. This includes IUC transcription, PACE transcriptions, and witness statements. We have a panel of competent linguists with a stronghold over the legal matters. They have extensive practical industry experience to carefully listen to legal audio and translate it in the form of text. They understand all the legal terms, and well-aware even the minutest error could prove to be costly. All this has backed us to a trusted legal transcription services agency.

Avail The Best Legal Transcription Services For Your Law Firms

All lawyers who are working on different cases each day deal with a lot of documents and data as well. It is tough for a human brain to store everything in a proper way when the case files are enormous, with a lot of information. So, for that all, now they all search for a streamlined process, and for that, you can take the assistance of the legal transcription services.

Why Go For Them?

When you take assistance from them, they help you in transcribing the document. If you have any audio files of any information, then legal audio transcription services will help you to convert to text format. In that way, it helps you in the legal proceedings in court.

So, if you are interested in it and need expert assistance in converting the audio files to text, then legal transcription service for law firms can help you. They provide the best transcription services to you at the best price.

5 Types of Legal Transcription Services You Need to Know

Legal transcription is widely popular across different industries. There are several branches of legal transcription services that change with the industry they are linked to. We will discuss what are the special industrial requirements to understand why you need expert legal translators.

Medico-Legal Transcription Services:

It primarily deals with the legal laws and compliances of the medical and healthcare industry. You must use a service that has experts who are skilled in both the legal and medical transcriptions. Due to the complexity of medical terminology and legal formats, one must be familiar with the requirements of medico-legal services.

Court Transcription Services:

Court transcriptions is one of the most common legal transcriptions. The court recordings are converted to a text document which will be helpful in case proceedings. Also, there are many benefits of transcribing court proceedings such as future case reference, easy to share details with people connected to the case and can be used as a reference by firms and law students.

Legal Dictation Transcription Services:

We recommend you use dictation transcription service which uses human transcriptionists. As there are several technical terms that are used in courts, dictation software can get confused with homophones and with an accent.

Deposition Transcription Services:

It is very reliable to use a text document when you are filing for a deposition. Word documents have more clarity than audio and you may need to use deposition transcription services. We have professional who will convert the audio, accurately, with the use of exact verbatim.

Forensic Transcription Services:

Legal recording and transcription are widely used for producing evidence. There is a high possibility that the circumstances don’t allow one to record the audio properly. A forensic transcription will help you recognize and highlight the minor details. There are instances where inaudible sounds had a big impact in a case. A professional forensic will decode the audio from text and distinctive sounds that can be important to the case.

Transcription Now is your one-stop solution to all your legal transcription related woes. Legal trancription services provided by Transcription Now have the following inherent qualities:

Confidentiality: Confidentiality one of the important parameters of legal transcription. Transcription Now through various policies supports your confidentiality. Transcribers are bound by non-disclosure agreement besides other policies like view-per-work, end to end encryption, and de-identification.

Expertise: Transcription from a transcriber who doesn’t understand the legal lingo defeats the purpose of what online transcription is trying to achieve – accuracy and confidentiality. Transcription Now offers you certified legal translators helping you achieve the best possible translation.

Accuracy: As described before minute changes in legal wordings can affect its interpretation in the eye of the law. Accuracy thus should be the other pillar on which legal transcriptions services have to stand on. legal audio transcription services have to check for quality by various sets of eyes to guarantee accuracy. Transcription now is the best bet in this regard.

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