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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


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Secure Legal Transcription Services by an Expert Legal Team

You will receive timely & accurate legal transcripts for any audio/video file from our US based agency in any language.
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Legal Transcription Services

Professional Legal Transcription Services

Transcription Now offers the best legal transcription services in the business. We have a team of more than 1000 experienced and qualified transcriptionists who are well-versed in transcribing legal audio files with utmost accuracy and precision. Our transcribers are experienced in legal transcription. Furthermore, we have a proven quality assurance process that ensures all transcripts meet our high standards.

So if you're an attorney, private investigator, or a professional in the legal field looking for reliable and trustworthy online legal transcription services, partner to handle all your legal transcription needs, Transcription Now is the right choice!

Certified Legal Transcription Services

Transcription services are used by law firms, legal professionals, and lawyers. Certified legal data transcription services provided by legal transcription companies can be used in many legal processes, so they must be accurate and complete.

Legal transcription service companies are essential for several reasons. First, they ensure that all legal proceedings are accurately transcribed. This is critical, as any errors in transcription could have serious consequences in court. Moreover, by using certified legal transcriptionists, law firms can be assured of the highest quality work.

When Do You Need Certified Transcription Services?

There are a few times when you might need certified legal transcription services. Such instances may include:

✓ You are a law firm or other business entity that needs to provide accurate and reliable transcripts of conversations, meetings, and court proceedings for use in legal proceedings or internal reviews.

✓ You are an individual who needs an accurate transcript of a conversation or meeting for personal legal purposes (for example, to prove the contents of a conversation in a divorce proceeding).

✓ You are an immigrant or non-citizen who needs an accurate transcript of a conversation or meeting to support your application for residency or citizenship.

What Legal Recordings Do We Transcribe?

Our trained transcribers listen to the audio/video recordings and provide legal audio transcription services by transcribing them into documents that others can access in written form.

  • ✓ Legal meeting minutes

  • ✓ Judicial hearings, Public hearings, Court hearings

  • ✓ Interrogations

  • ✓ Administrative hearings

  • ✓ Arbitration hearings

  • ✓ Disciplinary hearings

  • ✓ Wiretaps

  • ✓ Federal tribunals

  • ✓ Conferences, Memorandums

  • ✓ Instructions to counsel

  • ✓ Reports, Property documentation, Letters, Leases, Inventories

  • ✓ Contracts, Court documentation, Wills, and Affidavits

Different Types of Legal Transcription Service That We Offer

Transcription Now provides 100% human transcription & does not use machine transcription as they are not very accurate. Read on to find out more about our services.

Court Transcription Services: This is the most common legal transcription service. Court recordings of trials and hearings are converted into a text document for ease of case reference. The transcripts are often used to settle disagreements about what was said during a hearing or trial and can also be used as evidence in subsequent legal proceedings. The transcripts can also be used for other purposes such as academic research or creating training materials.

Medico-Legal Transcription: A medico-legal transcription service primarily deals with the legal laws and compliance of the medical and healthcare industry. This service is primarily used in personal injury cases, malpractice cases, and insurance claims. The transcripts can also be used to document patient care, provide expert witness testimony, or help attorneys build solid points and can be used as evidence in court proceedings. To transcribe such files, transcribers must be familiar with the requirements of medico-legal services.

Legal Dictation Transcription Services: Legal dictation-transcription is the process of accurately capturing all the spoken words in a legal proceeding and converting them into text format. The transcript becomes an official document that can be used as evidence in court. The transcripts can be relied on to provide a complete and accurate record of a legal proceeding, create meeting minutes, or compile research notes. In such cases, using 100% human transcription is the best advice.

Forensic Transcription Services: Forensics transcription is the process of transcribing an audio or video recording of a forensic proceeding into written form. The services can be treasured in criminal investigations, as they can provide investigators with a clear and accurate record of everything said during a forensic inspection. This can be crucial for establishing evidence or for identifying potential suspects.

Deposition Transcription Services: Deposition transcription is the process of translating spoken deposition testimony into a written transcript. The accuracy of the transcript is of utmost importance, as it will be used as evidence in any future legal proceedings. As such, it is vital to make sure that all pertinent information - including questions asked by counsel and answers given by witnesses - are captured and accurately transcribed.

Importance of Choosing a Reliable Legal Transcription Company?

✓ Precision and Accuracy: By having a professional transcriptionist transcribe your legal documents, you can be sure that the transcript will be accurate and complete. This is especially important in cases where a legal document needs to be submitted as evidence in court hearings, depositions, and other legal proceedings.

✓ Fast Turnaround: A Google search on legal transcription services near me will show you that most professional legal transcription services provide transcripts within 24 hours. This can be helpful when a transcript is needed quickly for review or there's a need to submit a document to the court promptly.

✓ Competitive Rates: You can get legal transcription services USA at very competitive rates, making legal document transcription services like Transcription Now the affordable option for individual and business needs alike.

We Also Offer The Following Transcription Services
  • ✓ PhD Transcription

  • ✓ Wav Transcription

  • ✓ Focus Transcription

  • ✓ Urgent Transcription

  • ✓ Presentation Transcription

  • ✓ Language Transcription

We Provide Transcription Services In The Following Cities/Countries
  • ✓ Philippines

  • Sydney

  • Canada

  • ✓ New York

  • ✓ United States

  • ✓ United Kingdom

  • Australia

  • ✓ South Africa

  • ✓ London

  • ✓ Los Angeles

  • ✓ Albany NY

  • ✓ Rochester NY

  • ✓ San Francisco

  • ✓ Ireland

  • ✓ Washington DC

  • ✓ New Zealand

  • ✓ Toronto

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