100% Satisfaction Guaranteed !! or Get Your Money Back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Professional Court Transcription Services – Flawless and Affordable

Transcription Now provides the highest quality certified court transcription services by approved transcriptionists. Our court transcribers know the legal system, court processes, and legal terms quite well. They also know the best practices of legal transcription and how to transcribe different types of audio recordings.

legal transcription is no different from legal transcription. Both are about getting audio recordings (legal content) converted to a text format that is easy to follow. We have over 10 years of experience providing legal transcription in over 100 languages. We offer general transcription at a starting rate of $1/minute and legal transcription starting from $2/minute. Reach out to us at 1-800-230-7918 for a no-cost quote.

A Lawyer presenting evidence before judges, a jury and a court reporter.

Why Should You Work With Us for Court Transcription Services?

Not all court cases are recorded live by an approved court reporter. It is, however, possible to get audio and video recordings of the events unfolding during a case hearing. Transcripts of these audio recordings prove to be valuable references for:

✓ Legal professionals

✓ Paralegals

✓ Attorneys

✓ Law students

✓ Police

✓ Investigative journalists and law enforcement authorities

It doesn't matter if you are an experienced legal professional employed at the public defender’s office or an intern in an attorney’s office. Working with Transcription Now is bound to benefit you in several ways:

• We are an ISO-certified transcription company. We are backed by a growing team of expert legal transcribers worldwide.

• Our accredited transcribers are proficient and perfect in their work. They deliver detailed and complete verbatim transcripts with 99% accuracy.

• We work with native transcriptionists with language expertise to offer audio and video transcription services in over 100 languages.

• We ensure that all project details are confidential. We only permit staff members working on your project to access the digital recording and the completed transcript. A confidentiality agreement binds our transcriptionists, and other staff.

• Our legal transcription services are 100% human. We can identify speakers and timecode the transcript on request.

• Your certified transcript is free of cost; we can get transcripts notarized if required (charges extra).

• We reward our business customers and long-term clients with discounts. Business customers get to work with dedicated account managers to track their projects. They can also use credit facilities based on order size.

• Discounts are also available for law firms placing bulk transcription orders. Any government institution such as the Office of Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsel representing people who cannot afford legal help also qualifies for discounts.

• We support short turn-around time. We can churn out a rush transcript, or super rush transcript with ease. No matter the deadline, there are no compromises on the quality of the final transcripts.

To summarize, we are your one-stop-shop for top-notch court transcription services. Take time to check our free samples and get a 5-minute trial of our legal transcription services before entrusting your project with us.

Our Court Transcriptionists – Accurate, Quick and Reliable

Our legal transcriptionists, proofreaders, and support staff are highly qualified and experienced. They play a pivotal role in creating accurate and detailed transcripts and delivering them right on time.

The outcome of a legal case often depends on the details that an approved transcriptionist gathers from audio recordings. They do not omit or misinterpret even a single syllable in the audio recordings. All verbatim transcriptions need:

A high level of concentration

✓ A sharp ear

✓ Expertise in legal jargon/terms, and

✓ Impressive typing/writing speeds

✓ Language expertize

The transcriber's task is quite challenging as they need to deal with:

A woman wearing headphones is going through the contents of a file.

• Poor quality of audio recordings

• Background noises

• Legal jargon

• Speakers' accents

• Speakers' expressions

• Courtroom murmurs and other distractions

We work only with certified and experienced transcriptionists. They are thorough in their job and adept at addressing the challenges highlighted above.

You can rely on us to render flawless legal transcripts in any language at reasonable prices. Our growing number of satisfied customers vouch for our reliability and professionalism.

Authentic Certified Court Transcripts: How Can We Help You?

Some legal processes need certified legal transcripts. Yet others may require notarization to qualify as legal records. Transcription Now provides certified court transcripts that are court-approved. Our accredited legal transcriptionists have the authority to sign and seal court transcripts. Certifications vouch for court transcripts' genuineness, impartiality, completeness, and accuracy. The concerned authorities may contact them for further verifications if required. We transcribe different types of recordings, including:

  • ✓ Focus groups

  • ✓ Conference calls

  • ✓ Arbitrations

  • ✓ Legal hearings

  • ✓ Phone calls

  • ✓ Audio cassette, microcassette and cell phone recordings

  • ✓ Statements

  • ✓ Interviews

  • ✓ Surveillance reports

  • ✓ Interrogations

  • ✓ Wiretaps

  • ✓ Voicemails

  • ✓ Meetings

  • ✓ Television broadcasts

  • ✓ Depositions

  • ✓ Autopsy reports

  • ✓ Doctor's statements

  • ✓ Medical recordings - HIPAA compliant, and others

  • Court reporting services often turn out to be expensive. Even if you can afford the service, you may not be able to find expert court reporter transcribers in suburban or remote locations. In such times, you may have court hearings transcribed if an audio/video recording of the hearing is available.

    We can transcribe audio recordings of court hearings, pleadings, expert testimonies, motions, memoranda, and court orders/verdicts to create certified court records. Our court transcription rates are reasonable and in line with industry standards. Our transcription services span across various cities and states within the United States, encompassing prominent locations like Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Ireland, Washington DC, Sydney, Mission, San Francisco, and numerous other cities throughout the nation. Our coverage extends far and wide, ensuring accessibility across a diverse range of locations.

    If you are looking to translate a legal document or need authentic, flawless, and timely industry leading transcription services of court proceedings, contact us right away! Please email your requests to us or speak to our support agent on live chat for a free quote. Our support staff is available round the clock to assist you with transcription-related queries and requests.

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