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Our podcast transcription experts will create text versions of your podcast at affordable prices with high accuracy, efficiency, and within set timelines.
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How Can I Reach a Broader Audience with My Podcast?

You can reach a broader audience with the help of podcast transcription services. Get your podcast transcribed by the industry experts at Transcription Now.

We live in an increasingly tech-savvy world, and in media and journalism, podcasts have become a prevalent form of digital media entertainment. Podcasts fit perfectly into today's busy lifestyles, as one can listen to the audio while going about daily routines.

Thousands of radio podcasts and YouTube videos compete for online audiences, with the industry seeing well over 14 million podcast downloads in a month! For your content to stand out, you must package it in a way that is easy and efficient to find. To get this right, you need the help of a reliable podcast transcription services professional. This is where Transcription Now comes in.

When you outsource your podcast transcription services to us, as experts in the audio transcription industry, we help you get your podcast content the visibility it deserves. Contact us; we are available 24/7 and ready to serve you! General transcription services begin at $1/minute, while legal transcriptions are priced starting at $2/minute. Contact us at 1-800-230-7918 to get a free quote.

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Transcribe Your Podcast Media with the Best in the Industry

Choose Transcription Now to transcribe your podcast media as we are the best in the language industry!

We work with thousands of businesses and individuals from a wide variety of industries globally, broadcasting, NEWS, media, events, etc., helping them transcribe podcasts with high accuracy. These content creators have trusted us to provide secure, reliable, confidential podcast transcription services with strict turnaround times.

With the help of a team of 800+ highly trained native transcribers globally, we provide you with the best quality audio podcast transcription services. We will transcribe your podcast to text into any language at incredibly cheap rates. With us, you are guaranteed clear and complete transcripts in 24 hours with 99% accuracy.

Transcribed Podcast transcripts provide added value for your listeners by making it easy to browse through your content quickly and revisit all the essential subjects discussed therein. With audio transcription, your content becomes searchable on search engines and easy to share across numerous platforms, expanding your audience avenues and increasing its popularity.

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Is Podcast Transcription Taking Too Much of Your Time?

If podcast transcription is taking too much of your time you hardly get enough of it to create engaging content, Transcription Now is here to take that hassle of you.

Focus on creating and uploading engaging radio podcasts and other content for your audience, and we will create timely, accurate, high-quality podcast transcripts for you.

It is a fact that creating engaging content that will keep the audience captivated takes a lot of work. However, the podcast will only live up to its full potential when supported with a transcript, subtitles, or closed captions. Lucky for you, we are here to help you create perfect podcast transcripts for your audio files with ease, affordability, and security.

We rank top in providing the best podcast transcription service tailored to your needs. Should you require additional services like time stamps, multiple speaker identification, etc., we can include that in the transcript.

We don't use an automated voice typing feature while providing podcast transcription. All services at Transcription Now are 100% human powered to ensure we capture every detail, accent, tone, and other language intricacies in speech with clarity and high accuracy. We are keen to uphold timelines, delivering transcription tasks within 24 hours.

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Podcast Transcription Services: What Do We Transcribe?

At Transcription Now, we transcribe a wide variety of podcasts, such as:

arrow Radio podcast transcription
arrow Webcast lecture transcription
arrow Multi-participant webcast transcription
arrow Research webcast transcription
arrow Interview webcast transcription
arrow Legal proceedings transcription
arrow Sports event transcription
arrow Video/audio library hosting webcast transcription
arrow Turnkey Television studio conferences transcription
arrow Time-stamped audio webcast
arrow Section 508 complaints webcast

Prioritize content creation and we shall perfectly transcribe podcasts for you!

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What are the Major Benefits of Transcribing Podcasts?

There are numerous benefits of transcribing podcasts, with the major ones being:

arrow Accessibility: Transcribed podcasts provide an alternative media through which fans can access your content. Podcast transcripts allow you to reach and engage with the deaf and those with hearing impairment.
arrow Versatility: Podcast transcription helps bridge the language barrier, making it possible for people that have trouble processing the spoken language to consume your content via the transcript. You can also translate the transcript to multiple languages to have a global reach.
arrow Visibility: Search engines don’t crawl an audio / video file. When you transcribe your podcast and make your content available in textual form, it helps make your content scannable and searchable on search engines, helping you rank better and reach more audiences.

Podcast Transcription: Increase Your Reach, Save Money

Transcribe your podcast with Transcription Now and increase your reach while also saving money.

We have the capacity to accurately, effectively, and economically convert your recording into text, improving its visibility on search engines, and helping you reach more audiences in an economical way.

As an ISO 9001:2015 Standards company, we are well equipped with a vast team of well-trained and experienced professionals to transcribe podcasts for content creators in any language with precision. Be it German, Russian, Italian, Hindi, Chinese, Portuguese, or any other.

Trust us with your recorded audio transcription needs and enjoy the following features:

arrow Highly accurate transcripts that match your audio file recording word-for-word.
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arrow High-quality podcast transcripts delivered within a quick turnaround time to save you time and money.
arrow A seamless, hassle-free transcription process from file submission to the time we provide you with a complete, authentic, error-free transcript.
arrow Unmatched professionalism in the delivery of highly accurate transcripts at unbelievably affordable rates.
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Frequently Asked Question
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How much does a podcast transcription cost?
The cost of podcast transcription will vary based on audio duration, quality, language complexity, urgency, etc. However, a quick comparison search will show Transcription Now has the most affordable transcription pricing in the industry. Contact us now with your project needs, and we will give you a free instant quote for your customized needs.
Where can I get my podcast transcribed to text at a low rate?
You can get your podcast transcribed to text at a low rate at Transcription Now. This is a service we offer with high accuracy and reliability at the most budget-friendly rates. You can parse your transcript much faster with speaker identification and time stamping services that we provide as an extra. Contact our friendly customer support team today for a free instant quote.
How long will it take to transcribe audio podcast to text?
The time taken to transcribe podcast to text can range between 2 to 3 business days. If you engage Transcription Now, the audio transcription service agency in the language services industry, we will have your audio / video podcast transcribed and delivered within 24 hours.