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We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Transcription Services Philippines

We are the major subcontractor in transcription service for the clients all over the world. Our dedication allows us to lead in the industry. Transcriptions are done in all forms primarily in English, Chinese and Asian languages. We are very cautious in preparing business documents that must fulfill the strict requirements of clients, such as message accuracy, correct terminology and language fluency.  

We believe that we have the excellent resources and expertise to provide fast turnaround delivery. Legal transcription in the Philippines plays a major role all over the globe. We fulfill our promises by consistently meeting the deadlines and exceeding client's expectation.

For more information about transcription services Philippines, contact Transcription Now immediately through ONLINE CHAT or call on 1-800-230-7918.

We have many specialists supporting law offices, court recording companies, legal back office companies, independent attorneys and also associated with legal professionals to meet your transcription needs.

We have gotten excellent feedback from our customers by demonstrating vast experience and knowledge in this field. As the data is getting transcribed, whether dictated or recorded in the courtroom, the task is done carefully in order to avoid any misrepresentation. The data is recorded either onto tape or digital voice processing systems for clarity.


Transcription Rates Philippines

Our transcription service Philippines will relieve the workload of your highly skilled and trained paid staff, giving them time so that they can focus their efforts on the important and cost-effective responsibilities of your company.

Significant cost savings are offered by the transcription services Philippines. This offer is mostly availed of by the customers with good intensity and consistency. We accept all the common forms of payment. In the Philippines, we provide quality transcription services at reasonable rates.

Accepted audio and video formats

Mp3,wmv,cd,dds, flv,AVI,dvd,wma,Mp4,dvf,amr, wav,caf and more.

Language Transcription Services

We provide Mandarin transcription, Yiddish transcription, Australian transcription, Cambodian transcription, Turkish transcription, Tibetan transcription, Serbo-Croatian transcription and Hebrew transcription, among many others.

We Also Offer The Following Services

  • ✓ Video Transcription

  • ✓ Interview Transcription

  • ✓ Legal Transcription

  • ✓ Call Transcription

  • ✓ Certified Transcription

  • ✓ Transcription services

  • ✓ Police Transcription

  • ✓ Audio Transcription

  • ✓ Worldwide Transcription

  • ✓ Wav Transcription

  • ✓ Electronic Transcription

  • ✓ Focus Transcription

  • ✓ Urgent Transcription

  • ✓ Secure Transcription

  • ✓ Phd Transcription

  • ✓ Presentation Transcription

  • ✓ Language Transcription

  • ✓ Transcription Companies

  • ✓ Tagalog Transcription

We Provide Transcription Services In The Following Cities/Countries

  • ✓ Canada

  • ✓ London

  • ✓ South Africa

  • ✓ Toronto

  • ✓ Australia

  • ✓ United States

  • ✓ Sydney

  • ✓ New York

  • United Kingdom

  • ✓ Rochester NY

  • ✓ Washington DC

  • ✓ Ireland

  • ✓ Los Angeles

  • ✓ San Francisco

  • ✓ New Zealand

  • ✓ Albany NY

Transcription FAQ

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2. Where can I find transcribing services in the Philippines?

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