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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Accurate, Reliable, & Top-Notch Transcription Services Washington DC

Are you looking for certified transcription services Washington DC? You are one step away from the best transcription services in DC. Transcription Now has a capable and skilled transcription team that can work on any project, whether business or personal in areas such as law, academics, business, etc. Assistance is just a call away: 1-800-230-7918.

Our services extend to many languages like French, Polish, Arabic, Cantonese, Korean, Japanese, etc. You can pick any foreign language for transcription and our team will perform it in a short turnaround time. Get the most reliable transcription at our transcription company in over 100 languages.

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Online Certified Legal Transcription in Washington DC

Technically correct and professional transcription are the two essential requirements of any legal document. Transcription Now does a fantastic job with all your legal audio transcription requirements. We source the best court transcribers from every part of the world.

Our workforce of diverse transcribers ensures that we can help you achieve your transcription goals. You can bring us audio cassettes, court tapes, etc., and get a court transcriber in Washington DC to transcribe any legal transcript with high accuracy and focus on details.

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Since legal matters are crucial, we keep all your information under wraps. We work to achieve a simple motto at our company, which is to provide valuable transcription to our clients.

We also provide quick transcription by Washington DC transcriptionists in case you have an urgent legal requirement.

Business Transcription Services by Expert Transcribers

Every business has goals to achieve. Some goals are global, while some are local. We at Transcription Now can assist you no matter what your business goals are. Since there is a need to communicate in foreign languages with the audience in the home country and overseas, transcription services are becoming important.

Our team of multilingual and skilled transcribers has helped several businesses with interview transcription, conference transcription, focus group transcription, etc. By transcribing your business requirements, we help you convey your message to the desired audience.

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Do you have foreign clients? We can transcribe in several foreign languages like Russian, Japanese, Korean, etc., with utmost accuracy.

Our transcribers have excellent knowledge of transcribing for multiple industries like entertainment transcription, media transcription, etc. We will provide you with the most impressive transcription services for all your business requirements.

Interview Transcription-Accurate, Reliable, & Affordable

If you want the best interview transcription service, you should head straight to Transcription Now. Transcribing your interview from an audio source provides a lot of help in preserving the spoken content. You may require the transcripts for qualitative research, selection of candidates, etc. In any case, transcribing your file can be done by our Washington DC transcription services.

We have the most efficient team of native transcribers with plenty of work experience. They are native speakers, and hence, transcribe every word accurately in a short turn around time. Transcription Now is one of the most trusted, highly-rated, and accurate transcription service providers.


We accept multiple input formats for transcription like VHS, micro cassettes, mini cassettes, etc. Our services are 100% human. Hence, we can assure near-perfect audio and video transcription in Spanish.

Medical Transcription by Experienced Transcriptionists

Medical transcription goes beyond spelling words in the medical niche. It requires a deep understanding of the medical industry. Hospitals, clinics, and other medical facilities often need transcription services for several reasons. Having written transcriptions of medical records, patient records, reports, etc., is of paramount importance.

Are you looking for accurate, high-quality, and professional transcription services in Washington DC? If yes, Transcription Now can provide you with excellent and valuable transcriptions. We have a team of industry experts, native speakers, and skilled transcribers.

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Our team is adept with the latest development in the transcription field and can provide the most accurate transcription of your medical records.

You must choose Transcription Now as your transcription partner for several reasons. Some of them include the following:

✓ Confidentiality and security of data

✓ Affordable prices

✓ Quick Services

✓ High accuracy rate

Take the Road to Success with Academic Transcription

Are you a student looking for affordable and efficient academic transcription services in Washington DC? If yes, head straight to Transcription Now and get the most accurate transcription of your educational requirements. Our aim is to make education easily available for all, and hence, we provide services at the most nominal rates.

You can get transcriptions of your lectures, tests, questions, study materials, and more from us. Our team has strong linguistic skills and plenty of experience providing transcription services. Thus, they are highly capable of providing the best quality transcriptions.

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We also cater to schools, colleges, and other educational institutions. We help them with transcriptions of educational materials, research work, etc.

Our motto is to help education surpass the language barrier and spread worldwide. And to achieve this goal, our transcribers work tirelessly, ensuring that each project is a big success.

Our transcription services in Washington DC also extend to other locations like US, UK, Canada and more, and any other kind of transcription like podcast transcription, sermon transcription, you may require.

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