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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Interview Transcription Services - Reliable & Affordable

If you are looking for professionals who can make your work easier by transcribing your interview recordings into text for easy reference and analysis, you are at the right stop! We offer our transcription service in more than 100 languages by professionals with extensive work experience.

Transcribing content on your own might be time-consuming and prone to errors. This is why you should rely on our interview transcription services for converting your audio or video file into a textual format. The unique aspect of our professional transcription services is that we only provide human transcription. We never use bots or any automated software for transcribing your content.

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Need for Audio Transcription of Interviews

With the consistently growing job market, companies far and wide are hiring extensively. Human resource departments are flooded with interview requests, and the task of analyzing and documenting the interview process has become a nightmare. While an HR manager does not have the time to transcribe an interview, the interns at the organization do not have the skill to transcribe them accurately.

Similarly, other organizations such as those in the education sector or the legal sector also have to conduct interviews on a regular basis. Be it for admissions or for thesis submission, interviews are regular activities in any organization. 

This is where professional audio and video transcription agencies like Transcription Now come in. We provide transcriptions of any audio or video file with our team of qualified transcribers within the deadlines that our clients set. At a throwaway cost, you can get accurate and reliable audio transcriptions of your recordings. Our transcribers are linguistic experts with domain expertise, trained to provide the best quality transcriptions for your needs.

Transcripts for All Types of Interviews

No matter which type of interview you have recorded, we assure you that we can transcribe it with exceptional accuracy. We do not use any automated software for transcribing recordings, as we feel that bots cannot account for the subtleties of a language. One needs to be aware of common cultural influences on languages in order to transcribe any content accurately.

Our transcribers account for the smallest inflection in the interview, including filler words such as um, err, etc. In highly specialized fields such as the legal arena, it is important to maintain high levels of precision. A small variation in the tone of the language can completely change the meaning of the content. Thus, it is important to hire a professional transcription agency for your audio or video file.

Academic Interview Transcription

At Transcription Now, we provide top-notch academic interview transcripts for educational institutions. From universities to e-learning businesses, our client list is quite vast. We have provided transcriptions for professors, graduate students, teachers, consultants, etc. Some of them require transcriptions of old thesis interviews to analyze them and learn from them. Others request transcriptions of interviews they have completed to add to their documentation.

Research Interview Transcription

We provide transcripts of interviews conducted for research purposes at great prices. We transcribe the content verbatim and further proofread it to make sure that the content is accurate. Our quality control mechanisms are very stringent and make sure that we provide the precision that our customers need. 

The priority with transcribing research interviews is not just accuracy in terms of linguistic subtleties but also the terminology used in the interview. These words may not be known to a layman, so we hire expert transcribers with experience in your domain to transcribe your content.

Police Interview Transcription

Police interviews are the first and most critical step in any judicial proceeding. The police interview conducted at the early stage of the judicial process is recorded and continually used throughout the judiciary process, whether or not the person is charged. Audio and video transcription of these interviews is an essential part of the legal process.

Attorneys and other legal personnel require accurate transcripts of legal recordings such as police interviews, witness statements, etc. Thus, it is vital to hire the best transcription services for transcribing audio or video to text. We have been providing transcripts of audio recordings to legal personnel for several years, so you can rely on us for your legal transcription needs.

Human Powered Transcription Services

Why Hire Human Transcribers?

While an automated transcription service can surely provide you with an audio transcription or video transcription, there are a number of challenges with this approach. An automated service will make use of bots which are powered by artificial intelligence algorithms. These algorithms can take on interview transcription projects, but they cannot account for several subtleties of these recordings.

For instance, bots cannot differentiate between the cultural connotations of words and their implications. Based on the client's needs and expectations, it is essential that the transcriber accounts for filler words and other words that appear incoherent to the listener. A human transcriber will be able to differentiate between essential content and inflections based on the requirements presented by the client.

Moreover, opting for a human transcription service provider which employs native language speakers gives you the added advantage of preserving the phrases and words that are unique to your language/area. 

At Transcription Now, we guarantee 100% human transcription with a fast turnaround time via our team of experienced transcriptionists.

If you are trying to get affordable interview transcription, then we are the best choice for you. Connect with our audio and video transcription service now!

Confidential Interview Transcription Service

One of the priorities of our services is to make sure that the confidentiality of our transcriptions is maintained to the greatest extent. We deal with extremely sensitive content which our clients expect to be handled safely and securely.

We always use secure servers to store and process our customer's data. Moreover, access to your interview video file, audio recording, etc., is restricted to a small number of people who are working directly on your content. We go a step further and also sign non-disclosure agreements to guarantee the safety of your documents.

Interview Transcription Services Cost

Transcribing any content is a time and effort-intensive task. It requires a high level of skill and technique, in addition to time. When an audio file, video file, audio recording or video recording is presented to a transcriber, their first task is to listen to the audio carefully and assess the audio quality. Then they can begin reviewing the recording and transcribing it verbatim.

For these reasons, it is important to hire the best transcription agency. We provide our transcription service at extremely affordable prices. In addition to being economical, we also provide discounts for bulk orders. If you want to assess whether we are a good fit for your needs, get in touch with us now. We will provide a FREE quote and further details of our pricing structure.

Content We Transcribe

Our team of professionals cater to a variety of clients, including market researchers, writers, insurance providers, preachers, psychologists, radio operators, etc. We provide detailed transcripts with time stamps and speaker names if our client requires it. Whether you need phone calls transcribed or any other audio recording, we are here to help. Besides interviews, here are some of the common transcriptions we provide:

✓ Legal transcriptions: court proceedings, depositions, witness statements, etc.

✓ Medical transcriptions: medical research, clinical trial transcriptions, etc.

✓ Financial transcriptions: financial reporting, audit proceedings, insurance reports, etc.

✓ Business transcriptions: business meetings, qualitative research, conference presentations, etc.

✓ Podcasts

So, no matter what your transcription need is, don't hesitate to contact us. We provide transcripts for businesses from different domains at reasonable costs.

Reach out to our customer care to get a FREE quote now.

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