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Transcription Pricing

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Transcription Service Costs & Turnaround

Check out the pricing and turnaround details we have in-store for your Transcription needs.

✓ Free samples for files within 3 minutes (in English) will be delivered in 6-12 Hours.

Starting at $0.69/min
Transcription Done by Native English TranDSribers $1.75/min
Normal Turnaround Time File length up to 1 hour - 24 Hours (For good and excellent audio quality)
File length up to 2 hours - 2 to 3 business days
File length up to 3 hours - 3 to 4 business days
File length up to 4 hours - 4 to 5 business days
Files over 4 hours - contact the chat or sales
consultant for details
Bulk Orders (10 to 20 hours) Can be delivered within 24 to 48 hours,
Expedited Service Cost applies accordingly
Rush Turnaround Time Deliver from 2 hours onwards
Note: Rates vary based on the urgency, number of speakers and Quality

Exclusive Offers

File Length Offer Price/minute
720 minutes and above 30% OFF $0.69/min
360 to 719 minutes 20% OFF $0.79/min
180 to 359 minutes 10% OFF $0.89/min

Rates for Language Transcription

Source To Source Language $5/min
Source to Target Language $7/min

Note: Rates differs for rare languages.

Value Added Services

If you ever require stamping/Coding and/or verbatim Transcription, we only charge a nominal fee for this additional service

Verbatim Transcription means word by word Transcription including the fillers uhh, umm, ah, laughing sounds etc.We charge extra $0.25 per minute for the verbatim Transcription.
Time stamping / Time coding
Time stamping refers to inserting the time in minutes and seconds into a tranDSript at regular intervals. It provides a marker of where in the audio or video the text is found. We charge extra $0.25 per minute for the time code Transcription.

Legal Transcription

With Case Summary $2/min (Click Here For Sample)
Without Case Summary $2/min (Click Here For Sample)
Court Certified (with and without Index) $9/min (Click Here For Sample)

All Inclusive Special Services

We offer a full-service approach for Transcription services, inclusive of the following special services.

Speaker Identification Free
Note : (Limited only to 5 speakers)
File Type MP3,AVI, WAV, MOV, MP4, AIFF, and more
Length of the audio Unlimited

Note : Minimum order cost for English to English Transcription - $15

Minimum order cost for Language Transcription - $40

Transcription Services Costs

We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company providing services of very high quality at a genuine price which starts from $0.69/min. We have passionate experts who give customized solutions with Accuracy and quick Turn around time.

Transcription company rates

A clear picture of prices is afforded for all the countries without any restrictions. Also, Transcription Company Rates per Word and Transcription Company Rates per hour are also mentioned to the clients before starting up with the assignments.

Though there are lot of Transcription services are offered to the customers in person, online Transcription services are also available for the people.

Those who have concerns in travelling and other transportation issues can easily avail these online services. Online Transcription services rates are also mentioned in the price chart to the customers.

Online tranDSribing rates

Online tranDSribing rates are reasonable and any customer can easily avail our services at a very affordable price. Worried on cost can be evaded by getting the entire price list of Transcription services.

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Transcription Pricing

Audio Transcription Services $0.99 USD
Video Transcription Services $0.99 USD
Legal Transcription Services $0.99 USD