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Get high-quality online transcription services in any language from native transcribers for your audio files with a guaranteed 99% accuracy.
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Reliable and Accurate Online Transcription Services

Get reliable and accurate online transcription services at Transcription Now. At our agency, you can connect with the largest group of experienced native transcribers in one place. Our team is built to provide a seamless experience in quickly converting your audio files into text.

We support all standard audio file formats. Our transcribers are experts at completing complex transcriptions within the agreed timelines with no compromise in quality.

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Professional Online Transcription Services for Audio Files

Professional online transcription services for audio files are essential if you want to expand the reach of your audio content. For example, transcribing your podcast to text can improve your search engine ranking. Audio files cannot be indexed by search engines, but textual content can. So investing in a transcription service can do wonders for your business.

Moreover, as a student or an educator, recording and transcribing lectures can be a tedious task. Handing this task to professionals who can quickly transcribe long lectures at a reasonable price is better.

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We Offer 100% Human Transcription for Quality Assurance

We offer 100% human transcription to guarantee the quality of our transcripts. While several online AI tools offer automated transcription, they come with their own challenges. They are unable to identify important cultural nuances, differentiate rare accents, etc. Moreover, expert human transcribers are able to use the right terminology based on the industry, such as Legal, medical, media or academic.

At Transcription Now, we offer exclusive human transcription because we believe this will guarantee maximum accuracy.

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Why Choose Our Online Video Transcription Services?

You can choose our online video transcription services to get the best value for money for your project. Whether you have a short recording from a podcast or many large audio recordings from your lectures, we can support you.

Here are some of our exclusive features:

arrow We provide 24/7 customer support.
arrow We assure the security and confidentiality of your files.
arrow We sign non-disclosure agreements for all projects.
arrow We guarantee a quick turnaround time.
arrow We offer rush and super-rush services for urgent requirements.
arrow We support all standard audio formats.
arrow We accept projects with multiple speakers and background elements.
arrow We can provide timestamps for your transcript.
arrow We can provide speaker identification.

Our team can transcribe audio files accurately to serve your needs.

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Get Your Audio and Video Files Transcribed by Experts

Transcription Now offers transcriptions for files from any industry vertical. We have subject matter experts from every field with knowledge of its specific terminology. They work closely with our proofreaders to ensure you get the best quality transcripts.

Some of the industries we cater to include:

arrow Marketing: focus group discussions, user testing interviews, etc.
arrow Healthcare: clinical trial findings, dictations, patient records, treatment notes, etc.
arrow Business: meeting minutes, interview recordings, research findings, etc.
arrow Education: lecture notes, study notes, online classes, etc.

We also cater to other industries, so you can contact us to share your requirements.

Grow Your Business with Our Online Transcription Service

You can grow your business exponentially with our online audio transcription services. We accept audio and video content for transcription. We can handle audio files that may have background disturbance or speakers with heavy accents. We have native linguists on our team who can understand rare dialects and accents.

The reliability of our transcriptions is exceptional, as is our transcription speed. Add transcripts to your audio-video files to cater to audiences who may be hard of hearing. Transcripts can also be converted to braille to support visually impaired audiences.

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Frequently Asked Question
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How much do online transcribers make?
The rates that transcribers charge will depend on their skills and experience. Their specific pay varies based on various aspects such as the number of speakers, audio quality, length of the audio, background noise, need for speaker identification, etc.
Why should I choose human transcription over automated transcription?
You should choose human transcripts over automated transcripts if you are looking for maximum accuracy, cultural relevance, and technical know-how. Automated transcription may be faster, but there is a higher probability of error.
What is audio transcription?
Audio transcription is the process of converting an audio file into text for easy reference, distribution, and accessibility.
Who requires transcription services?
Businesses in any industry, individuals such as educators or students, etc., may require transcription services for audio or video files.