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Transcription is the process of converting an audio or a video format into a readable file. It has become an essential aspect of developed countries. Noting particularly, Canada with the 2019 census has one of the biggest populations of 385,720 in the world. The development of Science and Technology in this nation is still thriving to grow at an exponential rate both, through in-land technologies and outer space life.This way, transcription services in Canada are in high demand, ranging from a variety of needs and deeds. Let us look at the min detail.


There are majorly 5 types of transcription Canada services done by several providers across the nation. The following are common forms of transcription services available in Canada:

  • TECHNICAL TRANSCRIPTION – This involves a change of media that require good knowledge and skills for its processing. They include examples like – Biographies, audio letters, leaflets, presentations,conferences, etc.
  • LEGAL TRANSCRIPTION – The legal transcription Canada involves a change of digital files into a transcript that has rules and norms for its regulations. They include visa, assurance messages, digital licensures, audio ID proofs, patents, etc.
  • MEDIA TRANSCRIPTION – Video and Audio transcription services Canada that involves any sort of digital file inputs come under media transcription. This includes CD,speech, games, internet, magazine, press release, podcast, newspaper, etc.
  • FINANCIAL TRANSCRIPTION – This form of transcription involves the use of audio or video formats that has a financial value which may be of importance to banks and organizations. Examples are business ideas, formal speeches, corporate talks, bank audios, etc.
  • MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION – The medical transcription includes every digital file that primarily involves records of hospitals, patients, and doctors. It includes emergency, medicine, oral notifications, medical presentations, digital journals, etc.

There are still other forms of projects like judicial, academic, personal, etc. but the mentioned 5 are the most evident ones of Canada.

Facts About Professional Transcription Companies in Canada


The rates of online transcription services in Canada has 5 key factors. Again,these are just rough measures and one cannot completely rely upon them for estimating the prices. And here we look at them:

  • The duration or length of the audio or video
  • The quality of the material provided to transcribe 
  • Any personal requests concerning quality and standards
  • The norms that the company follows for transcribing your file
  • Language dialects and the number of speakers involved.

Keep in mind that, when you choose a manual provider for your transcription in a place like Canada, there would surely be good standards and accuracy in the procedure. So, spend some cash and choose wisely when searching for transcription in Canada.

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