Certified Transcription Services

Certified transcription is the procedure of giving transcripts that end with a certification. Only a professionally certified transcriber who has years of experience can process a transcription effectively. When it comes to a sensitive material like files with legal,official, or medical value, then an expert transcriptionist is mandatory.

However, there are some benefits that as a customer, one can get from ordering for a certified/professional transcription. Service provider varies depending upon a few variables like:

  • Experience and skills of transcriptionist
  • Rates on the service
  • Language compliance, Etc.

Nevertheless, you can expect 4 major benefits from certified transcription services that are generally offered by most of the companies.


How many times you would have missed that one particular time while listening to your audio? Certified transcriptionists have an eye to every detail. They won’t miss out timings even for a fraction of a second, as they are certified.

certified transcription services

So, if you are confused between a certified transcriptionist and transcriptionist, then it is just the

  • Skillset
  • Capacity
  • Speed
  • Certifications

That makes all the difference. These above listed are taken proficient or advanced for a certified transcriptionist whereas a general transcriber can work merely than what you do.

So, one of the major perks frommaking use of certified transcribers is that you don’t have to spend yourprecious time over simply rewinding, replaying and typing from your recorderfor transcription/ typing.


It is not one’s fault if there are loud background noises, unnecessary disturbances, or even having a low quality media recorder! The actual problem is when you struggle transcribing words from listening to such media formats. This is more commonly seen for cases of Legal documents like police recordings, eye-witness video, court tapes, etc.

But, with certified transcribes your works are done correctly. With state-of-the-art tools and top-rate products of software platforms, certified transcriptionists can transcribe even your worst quality audio or video successfully.


If you’re a busy person who has constant works all the time, then if you have an audio file that has to be transcribed, be ready to spend hours sitting over the format and typing on the other hand.  This becomes an issue when you have tight deadlines and you should also complete your transcription procedures quickly.

But Certified transcribers are already qualified to work hard even for critical tasks. No matter how difficult the format is, a certified person will convert your audio promptly and accurately.

So, given an order for a transcription service from a certified agent and you can either sit back and relax or manage to do your other chores in the meantime!


You have enough time, money, and tools to type a long audio file that you have to manage and finish before tomorrow morning. Maybe, by challenging yourself you can finish it on-time. But just think about accuracy and quality. Can you get 98% of it? Doubtful.

Giving an order to a certified transcriptionist will present you ‘best-quality transcript’ with precise words as directly from your media. Why 98%? There are reputed certified transcription providers who offer 100% accurate results!

Henceforth, giving an order to a certified transcriber will save you time, energy and adds value to your money. Transcription Now has over 1000+ expert certified transcribers for providing you with the fullest accuracy to satisfy customers. Get precise and top-rated transcripts from Transcription Now’s certified transcription services. Get your free quote to know about your prices.

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