Expand Your Subscriber Base With Podcast Transcription Services

Podcast Transcription Services
What Are Podcasts?

With the popularity of podcasts increasing each day, you will be wondering what is so exciting about them. The podcast is a term that is used to define a digital audio file, made available on the internet. It can be downloaded to a computer or mobile phone and can be easily accessed from any location. The term podcast has derived from the combination of two words iPod and broadcast. Mostly presented as a series, there are options for you to subscribe to the podcasts of your choice for which you will be receiving notifications. 

Nowadays, podcasts are done on every other topic that sparks interest. Ranging from IT development, business and photography to movies, music and politics, podcasts are available on a variety of subjects. In fact, by the time you read this blog, thousands of podcasts will be published! 

Podcasting: The New Buzzword In The Tech World

As per the recent reports, around 50 million people listen to their favorite podcasts daily. People love podcasts as they provide listeners with the freedom to pick on what to watch and when to watch it. With podcasts, working employees can avail the content on their way to work. You can also listen to a podcast while at the gym or playground. However, recording your podcast alone will not increase the traffic to your media. Here comes the role of podcast transcription services. When it comes to podcasting, it is vital to get assistance from a qualified podcast transcription company. Since a podcast also acts as a marketing tool for your brand, getting it transcribed will only add to the brand value.

Who Gets Benefited From Podcast Transcripts?

As a podcaster, it is up to you to decide on the target audience and you would want to drive listeners to it. Simply uploading the podcast alone will not help you for the same. Furthermore, there will be a group of audience who won’t be able to listen to your podcast. Transcribing your audio file can be the easiest and effective way to reach out to a wider group of people. Podcast transcription also assists deaf and hard of hearing community to follow your podcast without misinterpreting the content. Around 48 million people in the United States suffer from some sort of hearing impairment. Why would you miss out on such a large community?

The next group of people who can be benefitted from transcripts is English language Learners (ELL). There are millions of non-English natives in the United States who will be in the process of learning the language. They will find it difficult to comprehend the information in your podcast, just by listening to it. However, if you transcribe podcasts, these individuals will be able to grasp the content without missing any vital information.

5 Reasons Why You Need To Get Your Podcasts Transcribed

Podcasts by itself is an imperfect medium as audio content is not accessible to everyone. In addition, certain situations (if you are in a noisy bus without headphones) limit the access to podcasts. In such cases, a podcast transcript is highly beneficial in improving accessibility to a wide range of audience. We are not done; there are more valid reasons to transcribe your audio file. 

  • Boost SEO With High-quality Transcripts: Search engines cannot search for spoken words in a podcast and hence loses the SEO advantage. Meanwhile, podcast transcripts improve your podcast visibility across several channels. A professional transcription agency will ensure that your text is not just engaging but also optimized for searchability. Furthermore, it enhances your website’s ranking in SERPs for all standard search engines.
  • Expand Your Audience Base: Transcription enhances the user base of your podcast file. Having the written text along with the audio makes the show more comprehensive. There are also people who enjoy reading rather than just listening to an audio. Podcast transcripts are a boon to such a community.
  • Enhance Web Accessibility: Instead of adding all new content to your website, you can just upload the podcast transcript as the fresh content for blogs. It helps to drive more traffic to the website, making it more accessible, especially to deaf and hard of hearing individuals. It is also applicable to people with English as their second language, who can’t follow the audio without the support of the written text.
  • New Marketing Strategy: Being a part of the latest marketing strategy, podcast helps to get cited in a blog, tweet or any article. Simply by adding banner links and other marketing features, you can advertise your podcast transcripts. Indirectly it adds to the brand value of your product.
  • Medium For Backlinks: Transcripts help people to quote and share the content of your podcast. If your transcript has superior content, it will become a medium for backlinks. It will add to the authenticity of your content and will again boost SEO advantages.
Choosing The Best Site For Podcast Transcription

Transcribing your podcast for yourself can be risky as it might end up in an imperfect audio transcript. Getting support from a professional and skilled podcast transcription service is highly recommended. As experienced transcription companies will be aware of the formatting, inclusion of timestamps, etc. to your audio. A hassle-free and accurate transcription is possible only by the best podcast transcription service available in the industry. Transcription Now can be your best option with 99% accuracy and quick turnaround time. Ready to improve your podcasts’ visibility? Upload your file and receive a free quote today!

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