Interview Transcription Services – Importance & Benefits

Interview Transcription Services

You all will agree to the fact that information is the key to any business or industry. Nobody likes misinterpretation of the information as it can lead to negative consequences and can damage your brand image. The text form of information is still considered to be the best way to communicate. All the industries, dealing with various kinds of interviews, use interview transcription services so that no miscommunication can take place.

A lot of individuals like a police official, student, media person, or any one for that matter, prefer recording interviews these days because audio/video recordings are taken as an easy and reliable way to taking interviews. These recordings are your primary source of information and transcribing them is vital. Understanding the importance of interview transcript is the first step we will start with and later go on to discuss its benefits.

Industries Demanding Interview Transcription Services

Recording either audio/video interviews is an important part of many industries. It contains vital data, which is helpful in collecting information about a person, an event, research, etc. Police, students, and journalists are the persons who hire interview transcription providers often. Any professional interview transcription company like Transcription Now hires a team of expert professionals with in-depth knowledge from academics, police and media backgrounds.

The media industry has to create eye-catching content for newspapers, magazines, websites and blogs. The only resource they can rely on are the recorded interviews. The chances of missing out on some information while listening to content are higher than in the case of reading. Documentary interview transcription is a service which is specialized in transcribing such media interviews.

Academics is a huge industry demanding such services. Students performing research for their PhD., thesis, or school/ college study groups require research interview transcription services. Such services are important because students need to present their work in text format. But collecting all information, taking interviews and doing research for the dissertation projects are usually done with either video/audio recordings. Converting these recordings into transcripts with a dissertation interview transcription service can save students from facing multiple hurdles.

The police department and investigation organizations also need to transcribe various interviews. In cases where a police officer interviewing a victim or a suspect, every piece of information can be highly important to resolve the issues. For such requirements, transcription companies offer police interview transcription services, where experts with industry knowledge deal with the project.

The interviews are not limited to these industries alone and the importance of transcribing an interview will be the same for all.

Benefits of Hiring Interview Transcription Services

By now, you would have understood how interview transcription services are helpful to various industries, but you still need to know how beneficial it can be. While the list of the advantages offered is huge, we are trying to cover almost everything to give you an idea from different perspectives.

  • Time-Saving – Time is valuable and needs to understand the importance of time. An interview transcription company allows you to sit back and relax as they deliver your interview transcription project in no time. The time taken by you to write a transcript will be time-consuming. On the other hand, transcription agencies have professionals who are experienced in this work and takes less time to complete the project.
  • Accurate Content – Transcripts need to contain all the information that is present in the audio/video interview. Any mismatch of the information or wrongly transcribed content can have major consequences. Thus, the accuracy of interview transcripts is super important and only experts can maintain that accuracy.
  • Easy Sharing – Recorded interviews are difficult to share. If someone wishes to have their own copy of some interview, sharing interview transcripts with them will be an easy way. You can easily distribute copies of transcripts among huge number of individuals. 
  • Increases Social Media Sharing – Interviews from academics and media backgrounds need to be shared throughout the world. Transcripts are easy to be shared on the internet and on different social media platforms. These transcripts can also be used for writing blogs on related topics.
  • SEO Benefits – Search engines don’t include voice into while searching for some content on the internet. Interview transcripts can be used to increase the ranking on the search engine result’s page, as the text is included in the search results.
  • More Audience Reach – Interview transcripts are also important for a wider audience reach. It is easy to translate the transcripts in different languages and share them with the non-English speaking population.
  • Helps Disabled Population – People who are either deaf or have hearing disabilities can access the interview transcripts and can grasp the information present in the interview. But the same won’t be possible for them if the interviews are not transcribed.

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