Why certified transcription services are more valuable at present times?

certified transcription services

Gone is the days when sources of information only come from library resources and printed textbooks. With internet access, people can acquire updated informative materials straight from different online portals. Information can now be found on the web easily through the use of certified audio transcription.

There are valid reasons on how certified transcription services are proven beneficial not only to professionals but also to major industries worldwide. Businessmen, for instance, rely on the textual contents of transcription to resolve business problems or to generate fresh ideas for further studies. Some portions of the transcript are utilized as keywords for search engines, image captions, and introductory phrases to help online users locate the information quickly.

Transcription also doubles the memory retention of many students and professionals since they prefer reading notes rather than listening to the audio source. Others find it more difficult to understand audio and video sources particularly those with hard-to-decipher speeches and poor sound quality. In addition, there are details found on the transcript that can be used for indexing, database management, and web programming.

The Scope of Certified Transcription Services

There are professionals and transcription companies in the online market that can offer certified transcription services at reasonable rates. Market prices are often determined based on the expertise of the native transcriber, turnaround time, volume of orders, and language availability.

Service providers can provide more advantages to their clients as compared to the services of individual talents. Finished transcripts go through several layers of proofreading and evaluation before being sent back to the client. Also, certified audio transcription is backed up by a certification that demonstrates the quality of work from the native transcriber.

A complete transcript is expected to show important details like sequence numbers, time stamps, speaker identification, and different non-verbal information appearing on the video. Here are some of the leading industries with related file sources that benefit a lot from using transcription services:
• Medical – medical conferences, clinical investigation, classroom lectures, and medical documentaries
• Business – promotional videos, TV or radio commercials, conference meetings, professional training, and staff orientation
• Academic – research presentation, academic speeches, and lecture videos
• Legal – court proceedings, witness statements, crime investigation, field reports, and lawyer-client meeting
• Entertainment media – local or international films, documentaries, television shows celebrity interviews, online videos, and music tracks

What advantages do certified legal transcription can offer?

Law firms especially practicing lawyers critically depend on the contents of a certified legal transcription when undertaking legal proceedings. Nowadays, court proceedings can be recorded and converted into text afterward. A certified legal transcription offers easy location of certain statements and details of a court case that are necessary to assist lawyers to formulate legal documents.

However, the certified court transcriptionist providing certified transcription services must be knowledgeable in existing state laws, document writing, and law terms. A certified court transcriptionist, having some similar functions with court reporters or stenographers, carefully listens to the recorded source. He or she is expected to write down the audio contents with consistency particularly on specific dates, events, and persons mentioned. The written document will then serve as the valid representation of the original source.

Notable importance of certified legal transcription

Having a certified legal transcription will not only benefit clients and lawyers during a court case but also other professionals and law students who use recorded court proceedings. Legal transcription can improve analytical thinking and judgment over a specific case scenario. It can be used as a great reference guide to study future cases. Here are some of the sources that could create certified legal transcription:
• Witness and suspects testimonials
• Deposition
• Property damages, fire, and road traffic incidents
• Judge or courtroom official statements
• Police interrogation
• Corporate disputes
• Insurance reports and claims
• Immigrant interviews

Certified transcription services become a staple for many industries in connecting businesses, organization, and world talents by way of a transcription. Indeed, sharing of information and video contents will definitely change the way on how people gain knowledge and interact with global counterparts.

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