Where can I find professional transcription companies?

Transcription companies cover a wide range of disciplines for different organizations. Transcription Now provides highly accurate transcription companies with fast turnaround time. Be it intelligent verbatim transcription or a complete verbatim transcription, we provide the best companies in every aspect.

We can perform all types of transcription services such as; one to one interviews, research, interviews, radio interviews, police interviews, oral history interviews, telephone interviews, journalists’ interviews and television interviews.

Transcription refers to the process of converting the oral interviews into text format. This is the generic term that refers to the conversion of question answer session that happens between two or more persons into the proper text documents, which becomes easily readable and understandable.

We accept the audio recordings in any formats such as mini discs, digital audio files, analogue cassettes, videos, DVD, DAT and PACE tapes. With many years of experience in the industry, we concentrate on the accuracy level to be high and undoubtedly you can expect the quality companies from us.

We have been serving universities, organizations, corporate, business firms, media and others who require transcription. We can also perform multiple participants’ transcription. We further provide research transcription, focus groups, lecture transcriptions in the required formats.

We strive to provide the right solution to you by performing in an excellent way that gives our clients 100% satisfaction. Besides, our transcription rates are an other highlight of our companies. We also provide money back guarantee for the transcription companies.


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