Where can I find professional focus group transcription services?

There are a host of focus group transcription services available online. University students, market researchers, legal professionals and medical experts are the most benefited from focus group transcription.

There are many types of services we offer and among them include roundtable discussion, meeting transcription, group discussion, strategic planning, surveys, brainstorming and more. We can guarantee best of services at a price that can come as a pleasant surprise.

Transcription Now are a pioneer transcription service provider. In simple focus group is a type of qualitative research where a group of participants are called upon and asked to express their opinion on a particular subject.

It is more an interactive session where participants are allowed to convey their views among the group. The whole conversation is recorded and the audio is converted into text by the transcription experts. We can transcribe audio from various format into different text format of the choice of the clients.

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