What company provides the best services for electronic transcription?

The basic action of writing down the content delivered orally can also be considered as transcription since the purpose in converting audio into text is achieved. However, it is manual with lots of limitations.

Electronic transcription that is developed into a complete system with various dictation devices, interfaces, transcribing and delivery modes is the one that is the need of the hour. In addition to this, online services add convenience and ease of work to this electronic transcription system.

Transcription Now provides the best services for electronic transcription in more than 200 major languages of the world. Medical transcription for the health care professionals, legal transcription for transcribing the court proceedings and business transcription for interviews, meetings, conferences, seminars, webinars and pre-recorded audio & videos are performed with high level accuracy and quality.

Apart from these, e-learning materials, scientific research and development projects, government projects, technical know-how’s and tutorials are undertaken in all languages. Online services of the Transcription companies have made life easier with their prompt response.

Audio dictations that are uploaded in their websites are properly received, transcribed with the native language transcriptionists, edited and proof read several times and finally delivered to the clients in whatever format they desire. Professional companies like Transcription Now provide this service within few hours.

This type of electronic transcription services is widely utilized by people all around the world for number of purposes to fulfill their various types of needs. Especially, hard of hearing people and student community use this service towards their development.

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