What are the rates for call transcription services per minute?

Corporate companies and business organizations nowadays do not arrange for in-person meetings unless it is very important. Most of the meetings are done through conference calls to cut down the costs. And, it becomes imperative to have a transcript of the conversation so that no important points are missed. To record the conference calls and to send them to the transcription centers is enough to get it done.

Telephone calls and conference calls can be recorded and transcribed for reference purpose. Conversations that take place between any two types of telephones can be recorded from anywhere.

People who need transcripts of their phone conversations have to approach call transcription services, who will start their work prior to the conversation. They will ask the client to log into certain account by just entering a pin number and enter the telephone numbers to whom they are going to contact. That is all required from the clients’ part. They can talk without any tension and the call will get recorded automatically.

After the completion of the conversation, the audio recording of the tele-conversation will be automatically uploaded to the service providers server which they will download it and perform transcription. Again in the same manner they can deliver the output in the desired format to the client.

The rates for call transcription services per minute in Transcription Now are very cost effective. Call transcription services are carried out to cover telephone recordings, call center recordings, client meetings, project meetings, training classes, team review sessions and sales presentations.

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