How can I get an online transcription company with a time code?

Transcription company with time code is very beneficial to the corporate sectors in various aspects. Inserting time code is helpful, particularly for interview transcription to easily identify the frames or part of audio video conversations. Similarly, time code can be given only to certain types of transcriptions.

Time code can be given to digital videos, DVDs in a visible manner. Transcription now gives time code for audio files with the audible SMPTE and for digital files with metadata embedded such as BWF, MOV, Sound devices MP3 and many more.

We also provide timestamps when the audio materials are provided to us without any audible or visible time code. The time stamp will refer only to the counter head and it will not match the master tapes. The time stamps will start at 0: 00:00.

Transcription now is very professional in giving time codes to the audio video transcribing material. Our transcriptionists are highly skilled and they are knowledgeable about giving the time code perfectly. Our services reflect the professionalism which all our clients expect from us.

We are the leading service provider in the industry, providing varieties of transcription services online. We can transcribe any types of materials provided to us in any format and deliver the transcribed content in any formats as our clients require. Thus we take the effort to provide the most flexible services in the industry.

Our rates for time code are very low and affordable. You can for sure experience the competitive services from Transcription now.

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