How only a Certified Transcription services can aid in business development?

Certified transcription services are provided to ensure a quality output at the end of every transcription project. The resultant output should be compliant with international standards (ISO). Also, every certified transcription company or agent is bound by law to deliver an accurate transcript regardless of the type and scope of the project.

Engaging certified transcription reduces the level of exposure to incompetent and unreliable companies out there. A certified transcript is accepted anywhere in the world and can be presented anywhere as well. Hence, a certified transcript improves the chances of your proposal be accepted by both government and private bodies.

In case if you are not satisfied with the services that you are provided with, certified transcription services offer a safety net whereby you can request a review. This is done given maintaining a healthy work relationship and doing business in good faith.

Secured and Confidential Transcription Services

The level of confidentiality of a document is directly proportional to the quantum of damage that is likely to occur if the transcription process is interfered by data loss or breach of security. So, whenever you are in need of certified transcription services endeavour to take your time to assess their capabilities and performance. You can do this by going through customers reviews on the website, recommendations, testimonials, demos, and how professional was the response or communication you had with their representatives (customer support). This should help you make sound decisions as to the level of resources at the company’s disposal such as certified transcribers and certified transcriptionist.

Types of Certified Audio Transcription Services

The most common form of transcription services is audio transcription; it involves taking an audio and transcribing it (by either typing or writing) its contents into a written format. However, you must note that handwritten documents and certificates can be transcribed into a different format in which the original document was provided. It could be transcribed into a portable document file (PDF) or Word document. In this case, it is referred to as text transcription.

Yes, the process of certified audio transcription is pretty much the same across all the industries and domain in which the services are employed. Some types of certified audio transcription services require professional training, a certain degree of experience and the workforce to accurately and efficiently handle your project.

Examples of such types of transcription services are legal transcription services, medical transcription services, academic transcription services, business transcription services, focus group transcription services, dissertation transcription services, podcast transcription services and sermon transcription services.

If you are unsure of how to go about getting certified audio transcription services to discuss your project with our team of certified transcribers. Order our services today and let us take the burden off your shoulder.

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